Start With BitoTrade

Get started in 3 simple steps

Open your free account

It is easy, fast and totally free to open your BitoTrade account. There are no monthly or annual fees for your personal account. In fact, the only way any transfers will be headed is in the direction of your BitoTrade wallet. Everyone around the world is welcomed to join BitoTrade due to our inclusive global customer policy. Regardless of where you live, you’re eligible to apply for a free account. To sign up, simply click the signup button and fill out the corresponding form. Creating your personal BitoTrade account is as easy as that..

Sign for a trading contract

Signing up to trade is fast and easy; you can do it from your personal account. A trading contract runs as standard for 75 days, It’s easy to get your trading account off the ground. Simply select the contract amount and pay for it, after activating you will get your profit daily according to plan terms. Users are free to select as many as they wish with rewards proportionate to the amount invested.

Withdraw your earnings

As a Bitotrade member, you can enjoy withdrawals at any time you placed. Once you request a withdrawal, the funds are distributed to your designated account within seconds. The minimal withdrawal amount is $10. We send withdraw only from bitcoin. We accept many deposit currencies in addition to Bitcoin including Ethereum, Ripple and BitCoin Cash.

Get Started with our Affiliate Program

Your referrals down to 5 level. Who entered the platform by following your link. They provide you with up to 13% of the contract amount.

Invite partners and get a steady income

You can receive a significant profit without spending a single cent by promoting your referral link across the Internet and also increase your current income while having an active deposit. Here are the methods you can use for your affiliate activity:

Use your website or blog

  • Publish articles.

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Use social channels

  • Place affiliate links in your group.

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  • Leave comments on thematic sites and blogs.

  • Create your own content and post your videos / photos.

Advertise on Youtube

  • Write and publish your video with affiliate links.

  • Put our official video on your channel .

Communicate on the forums

  • Post new topics in the forums.

  • Send affiliate links in the signature of your messages .