Terms and Conditions of Service

These Terms and Conditions of Service constitute a unilateral agreement between BitoTrade Limited, an investment company located at [6/F Yen Sheng Centre, 64 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong] & [10 Chase Side, Osidge, London, United Kingdom, N14 5PA] and any person of over 18 years old (the Client), who accepts this agreement.



These Terms and Conditions of Service cover any private individual who fully accepts and agrees to them and will remain actual while the Client is receiving (accepting) services rendered by the Company, using the company's website: https://www.bitotrade.com/ and/or receiving profits from investments, company's partner offers or referral program.


Liability Waiver

The Company has the right to refuse services to persons who violate these Terms and Conditions of Service, had a negative impact upon interests of intellectual property of the Company, spamming, using the website for money laundering or extremism financing purposes.

Therefore, the Company may not guarantee the maximum affectivity of the cooperation in events beyond the Company's control.


General Provisions

The Client undertakes the investment activity voluntarily and at their own discretion and acknowledges that the Company cannot influence their investment decision, or a decision to take part in a partner offers or referral program.

The Company undertakes to render investment asset management services in strict accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Service and guarantees to pay out specified passive profits as prescribed in the Company's Investment Offers provisions.

The Company may not guarantee an uninterrupted supply of the services related to the website and personal account use, which are provided to each registered Client for their investment actions, profits withdrawal or reception of various advertisement and statistical instruments.

The Company at this moment notifies the Client that the website work affected both by circumstances beyond the Company’s control and executive decisions of the Company, may be suspended for the reasonably required time by the Company. Such action may be effective immediately and without prior notice to the Parties to this Agreement.

The Client has the right to receive qualified consulting and technical support services from the specialists of the Company.

The Client agrees to observe these Terms and Conditions of Service and use their funds only for the investment activities. Furthermore, under no circumstances, the Client may disclose particulars of their cooperation with the Company.

The Company undertakes to protect the Client's personal data as acknowledged in the Privacy Policy and under no circumstances will disclose them to a third party.

The website use and investment process are a fully protected activity supported by specialist technical equipment. The Company is responsible for it being up-to-date, and suitableness for the task described.

The Company may not be held responsible for any setbacks in the cooperation process which are beyond its control. This includes force majeure events, technogenic disasters, political events leading to destabilization of the political order and economic situation, all occurring both on the Company's and Client's sides.

The Company undertakes to observe these Terms and Conditions of Service and make every reasonable effort to fulfill its obligations before the Client securing their stable passive profit.


Conclusive Provisions

These Terms and Conditions of Service may be changed, altered, amended or modified by the Company at any time without prior notice. Provided the Client continue using the Company’s website or receiving profits from investment or partner offers, or Company's referral program, the Client by default agrees to and accepts any changes to this Agreement made by the Company.

All the website content is an inalienable part of this Agreement and may not be censored or freely interpreted by the Client or their appointed persons.

Negotiations resolve all disputes arising in the cooperation process without the participation of any third party.

The Laws of UK must have the highest regulating power over any situations concerning the cooperation process and which have not been provided for by the website content or this Agreement.

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